TBC Tribune Awards

Team Awards

Pick’em up Put’em down Award-Seattle Grunge/33.48 Total team fielding zone(2nd Straight)

Big Whiffer Award-Ann Arbor Tigers/754 Ks batting(2nd straight)
Free Parking Award-Houston Black Gold/$118,140 Season ticket sales
Look But Don’t Touch Award-Houston Black Gold/pitching 841 Ks pitching
Here for the Beer Award-  St. Louis Sluggers/ 17k attendance

Easy as 6-4-3 Award-Springfield Hat Cats/ Highest GB%(57) and Most Double plays(105)


Individual Awards

Double Down Award-Bill Barber/ 33 Doubles
Golden Cleats Award-John Wick/ 49 Stolen Bases
The King of the K Award-John Carpenter/ 126 Strikeouts
Breaking News:Ya Blew It Award-Andrew Kuhlman/ 8 Blown Saves
Quality is a Habit Award- Vinny Lukens/ 19 Quality Starts


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