Seattle Takes Major Slide

The Grunge have been playing some pretty bad baseball of late with with just 5 wins in august as a whole first year manager and long time bench coach Giandonato Gatlinaro had a lot to say about his teams long run of bad baseball. “We are only -15 in run differential, if we got our head out of our respected a%*@# we might be able to pull out a couple more wins.”. Currently sitting at 26-30 the Seattle ball club could do exactly what their manager asked and make a push to get back in the payoff picture. Harry Lidster is heading to the LD and his production goes with him, which wont help a turn around, however Brian Sims who has been horrid also heads there with him, maybe some new faces will light a spark.

Matt Nickerson will likely be seeing some of the CF workload while Lidster is on the DL and struggling bats Pete Crawford and Danny Usera will likely be getting sent down as Seattle looks for some more production out of their platoon OF. Here are some potential call-ups; George McKinley who has a slash of .306/.348/.914 while also playing plus defense in CF, Curtis Shiver who is listed at SS however is only rounding out his ability to be a strong utility player.

Seattle is thin on pitching and has relied heavily on their bullpen to get the wins they do have, look for one of either Thomas Saunders or Steve Rogers to step into the starting pitching role. Both players are capable of getting some quality innings in the back end of a rotation, with Rogers already doing some of that this season. Their isn’t much to call on in the farm so Seattle could be a potential trader at the deadline, either to add an arm for a playoff push or sell off some short term pieces and prepare for a good off-season.

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