1997 Preseason Bold Predictions

Bold Predictions

  1.  Las Vegas and Brooklyn make Playoff push
    • Both teams aggressive in the off-season working towards winning season, and Mike Wolfe’s first season away from his long time gig in Pittsburgh should make for an interesting season for both of these clubs with new looks
  2. St.Louis Fire Sale
    • With a couple good hitters like Aaron Williams and Jimmy Posey the Sluggers could make a couple moves and bolster their 17th ranked farm as they work towards a rebuild, who will do that rebuild is yet to be determined.
  3. KC flirts with a playoff spot after top prospects get called up
    • predictions having them at 41 wins makes it easy for a couple players to push that win total into the positive. Top prospects Ben House and Mark Logue could easily be those difference makers.
  4. Alba ‘The Derminator’ Brescia wins OROY
    • Houston has changed the landscape of the TBC with their “Melting Pot” Farm scheme. Alba is the new man on campus this year after tearing up U27 last year. he was quoted saying “If i can hit in San Antonio i can hit in Houston, I was built for Texas.” whatever that means.
  5. Julio Barajas captures a ROY in the place where his career started
    • 1979 in a little town called Toledo a young 16 year old pitcher takes the ball for the first time on a long journey to become an TBC great. 6 years later he would debut for the Apostles. a decade later, back after a mid season trade last season, Barajas begins his 2nd career as a stopper for the Apostles who covet his personality and ability to manage a game.
  6. CEB and TBC Title winners.
    • TBC-As much as it may pain some other GMs to hear, i think Houston does the 3 peat. the Apostles have put out a great team and look to be the best shot to knock off Houston but it will take a great effort and few mistakes to make that happen.
    • CEB– The Metros are the preseason favorite to win the regular season title,however riding a lot of HRs to get their, i think if they get a bad matchup either Vienna or Lazio could sneak by with a little better starting pitching and control of the game.



Meet The Teams-TBC

“do NOT let the lowest payroll in the history of the league (I think) or the rebuild lull you into thinking you are going to put the broom to Ann Arbor. The team is going to scrap and claw for every W possible. We have a few weapons and we’ll be using them.”
GM Steve Meyers

“Go Knights.”
GM Aaron “I’ll Show You” Blue


Meet The Team-CEB

Not many smiles in this pic. The sonata’s are all business this year trying to get back to the playoffs.
GM Marcus Osborn

Good luck on the Season GMs!

Note: Will add more meet the teams if they are submitted.

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