1996 Recap, Off-Season Forecast

Black Gold Ringz

Playing in their second straight match-up in the post season, and 4th match-up all-time, the Grinders and Black Gold gave us another “Battle of the Giants” as the top two teams squared off in Don Knight Classic Cup. Coming into the series as the underdog the Grinders were 2-10 against the Black Gold, getting swept last season. with a much more valiant effort this season pushing the series to a game 7 Pittsburgh just couldnt muster any offense in the final game, with Antosha ‘Warthog’ Sedenko pitching a phenomenal seven and one-thirds innings. Phil Cordier was less than impressive muster only 7 hits on 29 At-bats with 5 RBIs, Pittsburgh needed more from him as his middle of the lineup partner Green did his part with 9 hits in 20 at-bats and 6 RBIs. This series will be the final one for Mike Wolfe as GM as shortly after the game he released a presser about the potential move to team, more on that story later.

TBC Tribune Awards

Pick’em up Put’em down Award-Seattle Grunge/59.92 Total team fielding zone
Big Whiffer Award-Ann Arbor Tigers/728 Ks batting
Free Parking Award-St. Paul Apostles/$120,956 Season ticket sales
Look But Don’t Touch Award-Houston Black Gold/pitching 895 Ks pitching


What we know about the new Pittsburgh ownership

After the steel industry crashed in town in the 70s-80s there has been a tech boom in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh native Don Borkowski (father of nyc pitcher Rob Borkowski) has led a group of investors including current nyc gm Kevin Borkowski to buy the Pittsburgh Grinders for a substantial amount of money. It was an offer that owner Charlie Nichols jr couldn’t refuse. After the roller coaster of the past few decades and his children not wanting to take the team over he decided it was time to get out and move on and wanted to be able to provide for his children and grandchildren and this offer made it easy for him.New GM Kevin Borkowski has this to say “I know this may come as a shock to most grinder fans but I hope to carry on the legacy the Mike Wolfe has made here. There is no possible way to live up to what he has accomplished here and I do not intend to fill his boots. I will do my best to keep this team a perennial  playoff contender and hope to keep the playoff streak alive. But this team does need a minor rebuild to help keep us there and hope grinder fans stick with us through it. I am very excited to take over in my hometown and hope you all are ready for a hell of a ride”.

-From Sources close to GM Kevin Borkowski

Hours after Kevin Borkowski was announced as Pittsburgh GM/owner, the New York City Baseball Club announced that they had hired former Pittsburgh GM Mike Wolfe. Despite unprecedented success with the Grinders, Wolfe had become disgruntled in recent years with the position.

In his press conference, Wolfe was brief:
“I’m a firm believer in do what you love and love what you do. I love running a baseball team, but I was no longer happy coming to work day in and day out. That is not a knock on Pittsburgh. Sometimes a relationship just runs its course and a fresh start is all that’s needed. I truly believe this is the fresh start I need. Now it will not be easy. This is not a quick fix. I don’t expect to come in and contend year 1… we’re going to build from the ground up, investing in the draft, international markets, and development of young players. I ask only for your patience and trust that I will get this team where they need to be. It will take time, but I promise you I will do everything in my power to reach the top. The ultimate goal is the same as always. Win forever. Thank you”.

Wolfe was later seen in Brooklyn checking out the former digs of the Brooklyn Knights. Sources reveal that a move to Brooklyn is almost certainly in the cards and it is likely that NYBC will fund a renovation of Bush Terminal Park or build a new stadium completely.

-From sources close to GM Mike Wolfe


Show me the Money

Notable free agents are plentiful this year as the off-season has come upon us lets dial in on two major hitters one hitting FA for the first time OF Manny Barajas, and the other opting out of a deal with  his one true home in Houston, IF Ricardo Escobedo. The first question is, does Houston bring back Escobedo? sources say no, his price tag will be too high and Joe Woodring is a known penny pincher who does not overpay talent no matter how good. A ton of potential landing spots for him however i believe he ultimately ends up in the JC with a team that is desperate for some hitting like Atlanta. Rumor is they call him the Octopus because he has “8 ways to do anything” Manny Barajas might be the biggest free agent in TBC history. Who knows where he will land with all the teams with money and everyone and their mother trying to figure out how to free up money to real in this bad mamajama.

Pennies wise Pound Foolish

Notable Teams currently with a large amount of money for free agents, look for these teams to be price setters for the top guys available on the market.
Payroll  for 97
Ann Arbor-437k
Kansas City-784k

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