Preseason Bold Predictions

With the Season getting ready to start lets make some bold predictions of what could happen in the upcoming season.

#1 Brooklyn Bombers
> Brooklyn will hit more home runs and score more runs than the Grinders this season, Cordier begins a downward trend on his hitting numbers while McComb blast more than his fellow Mc.

#2 Houston Elite Staff isnt as Elite
> Black Gold baseball fans have been living easy however they suffer some scares this season as *at least* one of the studs, Sedenko, Dragoon, Rutkaukas have extended time on the DL

#3 Cutting Through the Competition
> The Scissor Tails find a playoff berth under new GM Jon and on the backs off top hitters Giancana and Strange

#4 Luis Hoak leads the League in Wins
>Who? Luis Hoak started 6 games last season and made a few other appearances out of the pen while garnering a 6-1 record 1.21 WHIP and league average BABIP if he stays healthy add PIT slots him in at the 4 he could very well be their best pitcher

#5 Tyler is where now? and doing what?
> Long time gm Tyler Montgomery is known for pushing the owner to move the team or change the look to where or what he feels, his methods lead to a title before a season in hiatus, now in STL he looks to push this team to another playoff appearance and 90’s title

#6 A team hits .300 and a player flirts with .400
> with around half the league predicted to finish the season batting above .270 this may not be a very bold prediction. Teams to keep an eye on are OAK, HOU, PIT and BKN. the talent level in the TBC might be the greatest we have seen since the inaugural draft, on the extreme end of the “wow look at that guy” spectrum keep an eye on Eric Weaver, Manny Barajas, and Erik McComb

What do you think of the bold predictions? do you have any you would like to add?

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