NYCBC Announces New Affiliates

As the 1991 season approaches the New York City Baseball Club has announced that they are shaking up their minor league affiliates in hope of creating a better player development environment. After over a decade in the same locations and ballparks spread out east of the Mississippi, all off the minor league affiliates except Atlantic City will be moving.

The under 20 Birmingham Rebels after 14 seasons as the NYC affiliate will be moving to a quite baseball hungry town of Nashua, New Hampshire. Nashua is the 2nd largest city in New Hampshire and there largest job supplier is the local Dunder Mifflin sales and distribution plant. Dunder Mifflin will be the leading sponsor in the new Dunder Mifflin Park that is being built in town to house the new Nashua Huskies seating 7,800.

Coastal Carolina University will no longer be the under 22 affiliate instead the Baseball Club has announced that they have signed a contract with Columbia University in downtown New York to house the U22 for the Club for the foreseeable future. The Lions will park will house approximately 33,200 people and playing in the original NYCBC stadium that was donated to the university after the team left town in 1971 to go to the Smokey Mountians.

The Washington Capitals will be making a long anticipated move out of the capital to – well a new capital – Hartford, Connecticut. The Capitals will become the Huskies and play in Huskie park in downtown Hartford. Mayor Carrie Saxon Perry, the first African American female mayor, said “This is great for the city, I speak for the city when I say we are behind the Huskies and the New York Baseball Club 100%”. The Huskie will join the Hartford Whalers(NHL) as the 2nd professional sports team in the city.

Finally the long standing Philadelphia Yanks will be leaving and moving to Boston after the arrival of the Railroaders. NYC GM said “Boston is a great place for a baseball team and we just can’t keep up with the rising popularity of the Railroaders”. The NYCBC was able to buy the former Brooklyn Knights park for pennies on the dollar from the city after new team Owner Bob Waters and GM Aaron Blue left the park in disarray when they “packed” up and left. NYCBC Ownership came in and promised to bring pride back to the beautiful baseball city and knew it would be easy to win over fans after Waters and Co. skipped town.

To recap:
U20 Birmingham → Nashua, NH
U22 Coastal Carolina → Columbia Univ.
U24 Atlantic City → Atlantic City
U27 Washington DC → Hartford, CT
AAA Philadelphia → Boston

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