Top 5 FA Signings of 90-91 Off-Season.

One of the biggest free agent classes in recent memory is winding down and along with the class some big contracts were handed out. Today we are going to examine the top 10 contracts by guaranteed money and the effect they have on their new or same home.

  1. 1B Callum McIntosh
    Contract: 7 years 7,00,000
    Team Change: Pittsburgh>Brooklyn
    Analysis: Brooklyn is looking to get back into competing form after two down seasons, and Callum obviously helps. Callum is the richest man in baseball now and for good reason. Leading the league in OPS 5 of the last 6 seasons and always near the top in all other hitting categories, Callum is deserving of this money and Brooklyn was happy to give it to him. The club hopes that Callum will bring a calming to the team during times of success and, heaven forbid, turmoil.
  2. SP Dennis Aubin
    Contract: 7 years 3,746,000
    Team Change: Oil City(El Paso)>St. Paul
    Analysis: After helping Oil City to a title in 89 Aubin went on to have a career year and earn a healthy payday. St. Paul signs Aubin as a replacement for Julio Barajas, also a free agent. Sources say concerns about the performance of Barajas lead the club to seek another pitcher instead of going after resigning Barajas. Dennis Aubin’s “good ol boy” mentality is all to familiar in STP pitching staff full of average joes.
  3. SP Julio Barajas
    Contract: 7 years 3,220,000
    Team Change: St.Paul>Los Angeles
    Analysis: Barajas gets a well deserved payday after a well decorated half decade in St.Paul he heads for warmer weather. Los Angeles rebranded this winter and spent some money to get some wins with there new look. Barajas adds not only an arm to the club but also some much needed leadership. He looks to be competing for the top spot in the rotation with Jeremy Potts, the rookie who started two games last season a looks to be a potential ace for the club.
  4. SS Ricardo Escobedo
    Contract: 7 years 3,120,000
    Team Change: none
    Analysis: Escobedo has been one of the best middle IF in Houston history and he hopes to own the record books by the end of his career. after a break out season in 88 Escobedo has struggle a bit to get back to form. His future seems to be at 2B and maybe being in a more comfortable fielding spot he will get back to his 88 form. Although last season was nothing to scoff at, Houston would like to see him stay healthy and put together many more All-Star seasons.
  5. SP Alfredo Perales
    Contract: 7 years 3,117,000
    Team Change: Houston>Portland
    Analysis: Perales has been the model of consistency during his time in Houston and that obviously caught Portland’s attention. 3+ WAR over the last over the last 4 seasons the man shows up and competes day in and day out. Perales is not one to shy away from extra time in the gym and the Loggers hope he can man the from of the rotation for many years to come.

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