Rockets Blasting Off?

Cape Canaveral, FL – The Rockets are ready to blast off in 1990, but it appears they won’t be doing so from the Launching Pad. Information obtained from a high ranking official within the club’s front office points towards the team’s imminent departure. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said owner Carl Boykin and other team officials spent the entire weekend in Boykin’s office – leaving only to use the restroom. The emergency work session was called by Boykin immediately after receiving a registered letter from the Cape Canaveral Sports Authority, owners of the Launching Pad. It is believed the letter was informing the team of the immediate cancellation of their lease. At this point no other information is available as repeated requests to the team have gone unanswered. Please subscribe to this blog as information will be updated as it is obtained.


Author- David Helper Florida Rockets GM

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