How Baseball Was Born In Atlanta

This story is continued from our last entry… “By the time I got to the airport in Knoxville, TN the early flight to Miami, FL was already booked up so I had to set up shop at the airport and await the red eye flight to South Beach” Scharbach said. “Its not what you would envision a future TBC GM having to go thru but its not all glitz and glamour in this industry, its long days with little to no sleep and we know that going in”.

“It was a smooth flight were many things went thru my mind like which direction I should take the team, whether or not to keep the team in Miami, and where to move the team if I choose to move them among others” Scharbach stated. Owner Jimmy Green was at the airport to greet Scharbach as soon as he landed in sunny Florida. “It was a quick drive over to the stadium. You could tell Mr. Scharbach was in awe at our stadium and facilities… not that they were nice or anything its just he wasn’t used to being on this big of a stage in the CEB” said Green about the first time they met.

After the tour of the stadium the two sat down for real discussions. “You know I would have been dumb to turn down a job like this. I know I wasn’t his first choice but I wasn’t my wife’s first choice either” Scharbach said with a chuckle and big grin on his face. You could tell he has a real sense of humor about the whole situation. What happened next will go down in history as the day Miami lost its baseball team and Atlanta gained a baseball team. “One mans trash is another mans treasure as they say” said Green. “I narrowed it down to Atlanta or Nashville because of the population, the fact that both cities have a rabid fan base for baseball, and the fact that it is closer to home for me” said Scharbach.

They eventually picked Atlanta over Nashville. But it wasn’t a slam dunk on what the team would be called. “Thrashers were a real possibility at one point in time. But I remembered that red eye flight from Knoxville to Miami and thought Pilots was a great name as well and it fit with how everything happened” Scharbach told us. So they hit the ground running by finding a logo and picking colors out for the new team.

Join us next time as we learn more about the fresh start of this team.

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