TBC Tribune Awards

Team Awards Pick’em up Put’em down Award-Seattle Grunge/33.48 Total team fielding zone(2nd Straight) Big Whiffer Award-Ann Arbor Tigers/754 Ks batting(2nd straight) Free Parking Award-Houston Black Gold/$118,140 Season ticket sales Look But Don’t Touch Award-Houston Black Gold/pitching 841 Ks pitching Here for the Beer Award-  St. Louis Sluggers/ 17k attendance Easy as 6-4-3 Award-Springfield Hat Cats/ Highest GB%(57) and Most […]

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Oklahoma City, OK (AP)After an abysmal start to the 1997 season, mired by both poor play and significant injury woes, the Oklahoma Scissor Tails had enough and decided to get aggressive. A major shakeup was underway, as Oklahoma sought to save their quickly deteriorating playoff chances, as they toiled at an 11-21 mark nearly halfway […]

Scissor Tails Shake Things Up

Oklahoma City, OK (AP) In less than 24 hours, the Oklahoma Scissor Tails franchise has undergone a massive change, completely altering their look and, hopefully, their play on the field. The team, now in its second year under GM Hilowitz’s reign, has struggled to start the 1997 campaign, while also being ravished with injuries. Willie […]

1997 Preseason Bold Predictions

Bold Predictions  Las Vegas and Brooklyn make Playoff push Both teams aggressive in the off-season working towards winning season, and Mike Wolfe’s first season away from his long time gig in Pittsburgh should make for an interesting season for both of these clubs with new looks St.Louis Fire Sale With a couple good hitters like […]

1996 Recap, Off-Season Forecast

Black Gold Ringz Playing in their second straight match-up in the post season, and 4th match-up all-time, the Grinders and Black Gold gave us another “Battle of the Giants” as the top two teams squared off in Don Knight Classic Cup. Coming into the series as the underdog the Grinders were 2-10 against the Black […]

Mid Season Review

Half way through the season and these are the 8 teams who would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. we are going to look at some of the top performers thus far for these teams and talk a little bit about the teams currently on the bubble that have a great chance […]

Preseason Bold Predictions

With the Season getting ready to start lets make some bold predictions of what could happen in the upcoming season. #1 Brooklyn Bombers > Brooklyn will hit more home runs and score more runs than the Grinders this season, Cordier begins a downward trend on his hitting numbers while McComb blast more than his fellow […]