Rockets Blasting Off?

Cape Canaveral, FL – The Rockets are ready to blast off in 1990, but it appears they won’t be doing so from the Launching Pad. Information obtained from a high ranking official within the club’s front office points towards the team’s imminent departure. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said owner Carl Boykin and […]

How the Gm Job was Filled

Oliver Summerfield (Beat Reporter for the Pilots)- Atlanta, GA¬† It was late into the night in early January 1987 when a young Andrew Scharbach got a call from the Miami Sun Sox owner Jimmy Green. “It was in the wee hours of the morning. I was back in my hometown of Sweetwater, TN with my […]


Avoiding Trainer’s Table Essential for ’89 Success One of the keys to the Grinders’ success this season lies with a man you’ve probably never heard of. Pittsburgh fans, meet your head trainer, Jason Dotson. The 39 year old Dotson will be tasked with keeping the aging Grinders team healthy and on the field. GM Mike […]

1989 Florida Rockets Opening Day

Rockets fans have sky high expectations for their team this season. The Rockets have consistently played mediocre in the past. With a team full of batters hitting their prime and four elite pitchers, the Rockets look to go further in the playoffs than ever before. Ace Geoffroy Bartoccini will take the mound on opening and […]

Smokey Mountain Herald

Opening Day for the 1989 Moonshine Bandits Well, are we going to once again be pulling those Mason jars out of their boxes for another Championship here in the Volunteer state? I think I can answer that question in in 5 words. Not a chance in Hell. Even though the Bandits went out and resigned […]